01.  Former Microsoft Engineers
Henson Group hires former Microsoft engineers and consultants with extensive project and vertical industry experience. Henson Group carefully categorizes its various levels of consulting professionals (i.e. Architectural Consultant, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, etc. ) based on mandatory levels of industry, product, and project experience.
02.  Access to Microsoft
In addition to the personal relationships we maintain with Redmond, Henson Group’s executives maintain an exclusive level of access to Microsoft Product Group developers as well as Microsoft’s upper management and funding programs.
03. Microsoft Premier Support
Henson Group includes free access to Microsoft Premier Support during all migrations which gives us access to over 8,000 Microsoft Premier Support engineers around the world with response times as fast as 15 minutes.
04.  Award-Winning Microsoft Gold Partner Status
Henson Group enjoys privileged access to exclusive Microsoft resources, such as the ability to open Product Support Cases (at no cost to the client), participation in Beta testing, TAP/RDP programs, and Microsoft funding to help subsidize clients’ projects.
05.  Focus on Client’s Goals
Henson Group is privately owned with no outside investors. This allows us to do what's right for our clients by maximizing their profits and helping them reach their goals rather than pleasing investors at our clients’ expense.
06.  Experience
Henson Group draws upon over a decade of experience and has amassed a wealth of intellectual property, code snippets, and solutions we can apply and leverage for clients for a faster and more efficient delivery.